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Rusty Bucket Pickin Adventures

Pickin' Adventures

The Unique, the Incredible and the Inspiring……… that’s what drives us to go on a Pick as we look for those American Country, primitive and antique finds that fit so well in The Rusty Bucket.  By now I am sure you have heard of the cable TV show “American Pickers” and we are so thankful because before the show our family and friends thought we were “NUTS” to go out to olde’ barns and houses, with our flash lights, and rummage around.

This link has galleries of photo’s of our truck loaded or the rental truck we so often use loaded.  Additionally, we have a link on the “Places” we pick, the “People” we meet and the “Most Interesting Finds”.  We love the adventure of the find and if that find fits our shop all the better.  Also there is a link with the emails Pam sends out after each “Pickin Adventure”.

Like big game hunters of olde’, we stalk out prey slowly moving through snake infested, mouse dropping, mildew laden dusty places.   You see our “Pickin’ Adventures” touches our “SOUL”, graces our “HEART” and lifts our “SPIRITS”. Stay tuned to the Shopkeepers emails on our “Pickin’ Adventures” for I’m sure our next “Pickin’ Adventure” is just around the corner.

Click any link to view photos of adventures
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